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If you found this site interesting and would like to find out more about bellringing then here are some useful links to help you on your way. The sites are ordered first by topic and then alphabetically. They are not listed in order of quality or features.
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Bellringing Organisations and Publications

The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers - The website of the CCCBR who stipulate rules about bellringing and give information on many ringing matters. Also includes a regularly-updated online "Dove's Guide" to the Church Bells of the world.

The Durham University Society of Change Ringers - Homepage of DUSCR, one of the numerous university ringing societies.

The Lancashire Association of Change Ringers - An interesting website containing details of ringing and towers in the Lancashire area. (There are, of course many different guilds and associations which have their own websites, use the CCCBR's site or look at the 'other links' section of this page to find out more.)

The Oxford University Society of Change Ringers - The OUS website - another very active university society.

The Ringing World - The website of the 'official journal for church bell ringers'. You can find out about virtually anything to do with ringing here.

British Bellfoundries

The John Taylor Bellfoundry - The Loughborough bellfoundry's website. One of the two remaining bellfounders in the country. Recently merged with Eayre and Smith bellhangers forming Taylor's, Eayre and Smith Ltd.

Whitechapel Bell Foundry - The website of the London bellfoundry, where Big Ben, and the bells at Penwortham and Preston were cast.

Bellringing Software for PC

Abel - The website of a great computer ringing simulator program. The software is now available in a Windows format and, as well as being able to view 'blue lines', on-screen pictures/diagrams of handstroke and backstroke appear during the ringing.

Beltower - The home of an interactive computer program similar to Abel.

Steve Scanlon's Ringing Software - The home of four excellent FREE pieces of Bellringing software, all constructed by Steve Scanlon.

TowerBase - The website of the software similar to "Dove's Guide". Includes, as is given in the suffix of the address (.net), Nearly Every Tower!

Tower Homepages

Accrington St. James' Bellringers Website - The home of the Accrington ringers on the net, including some great information, pictures and even a 360░ view from the top of the tower!

Broughton Ringers' Website - The website of Broughton St. John's Bellringers.

Colne St. Bartholomew's Website - The fantastic site of St Bart's Bellringers and Bells.

Croston Bells - The home of Croston St. Michael's Church Bellringers.

Penwortham St. Mary's - The Penwortham Bellringers' section of Ringing-Online.

Preston St. John's - The Preston Ringers' site - part of Ringing-Online.

Other Bellringing Related Sites

Campanophile - Virtually everything going on in the world of Ringing including peal and quarter records.

Church Bell Recordings - Home of a fantastic selection of recordings of bells, images and links compiled by Dr. John R. Ketteringham MBE.

EasyToRecall Bellringing - An interesting non-ringer's account of bellringing discovered through surfing the internet. There are also many useful links to sites of interest to ringers and non-ringers alike.

Google Search - Bellringing - The sites brought up by searching through for "bellringing", including many hundreds of great sites that could not fit on this page!

MultiBell Ropes Ltd. - The website of a bell and bellrope company that specialise in unique tower setups.

Roger Bailey's Ringing Resources - A great compilation of just about everything to do with bellringing found upon the net.

"The Sound of Bells" - Bill Hibbert's compilation of many years of continuing research into the varying sounds and tones of Church bells. Also includes free downloads of Bill's own useful tonal analysis programs.


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