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Preston Minster Celebrates 150 Years Since Rebuilding

The current church was completed in 1855 and to celebrate 150 years since its opening, the Minster held a week of celebrations culminating in a service led by the Right Reverend Robert Ladds, Bishop of Whitby and Rector of Preston when the refurbishment of the churches in the parish began.

Peal to Celebrate 150th Anniversary

A peal was rung in the afternoon following the service in the Minster to mark the end of the week of 150th anniversary celebrations.

On Sunday 5th June 2005 in 3 hours and 14 minutes
5016 Plain Bob Maximus (arr. J. Barnes)

1. Barbara D. Murray
2. Donna Jones
3. Ken E. Jagger
4. Simon A. Bond
5. Jean Barnes (C)
6. Mark T. Palmer
7. Robert V. Criddle
8. Frank N.G. Anderton
9. Richard Palmer
10. Ashley B. Wilson
11. Raymond J. Clayton
12. Peter H. Gardner
First Peal: 4 & 7
First on Twelve: 1, 3 & 6
First Maximus: 9, 10 and as Conductor

Preston Minster now has a Ring of Twelve Bells!

When the bells were restored in 1997, provision was made in the frame so that another two trebles could be added in the future. In 2003 that dream became a reality when two new Whitechapel trebles were installed in the tower on 11th and 12th December 2003.

The augmentation of the bells was undertaken to celebrate Preston being granted City status by Her Majesty the Queen as part of her Golden Jubilee festivities, as well as the church receiving Minster status from the Blackburn diocese.

To find out more about the augmentation please click here.

First Quarter Peal Rung on the Bells

The first quarter peal on the new twelve was rung on Sunday 4th April 2004:

1253 Grandsire Cinques
1. Ashley Wilson
2. Bryan Hill
3. Donna Jones
4. Jeffrey Simcox
5. Robert Criddle
6. Jean Barnes (C)
7. Frank Anderton
8. Adrian Hanks
9. Andrew White
10. Richard Palmer
11. Colin Tester
12. Raymond Clayton
Rung on Palm Sunday in memory of Clive Bryant, a former ringer at this tower.
First cinques: 1, 5, 8 & 10; First Grandsire Cinques: 2; First on twelve as Conductor.

First Quarter Peal of Cinques

The first quarter peal of cinques on the new twelve was rung on Sunday 1st February 2004:

1320 Plain Bob Maximus
1. Philip Wilson
2. Bryan Hill
3. Donna Jones
4. Robert Criddle
5. Peter Hunt
6. Ken Jagger
7. Mark Palmer
8. Richard Palmer
9. Adrian Hanks
10. Raymond Clayton
11. Colin Tester (C)
12. Ashley Wilson
Rung as a birthday compliment to Colin, and to celebrate the birth of Matthew Hunt, Peter's first grandchild.
First on twelve: 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 12; First Maximus: 2; First on twelve as Conductor.

First Peal Rung on the Twelve Bells

The first quarter peal on the new twelve was rung on Sunday 23rd May 2005:

5015 Grandsire Cinques (Comp. T. Hooley)
1. Celia F. Hughes-D'Aeth
2. Donna Jones
3. Roger Barnes
4. Geoffrey H. Pullin
5. Ashley B. Wilson
6. Jean Barnes (C)
7. Frank N.G. Anderton
8. Richard Palmer
9. Alastair J. Hopkins
10. Peter H. Gardner
11. Thomas F. Metcalfe
12. Raymond J. Clayton
First peal on twelve: 5 & 8; First Cinques: 2 & 12; First on twelve as Conductor.

Older News:

Preston Saint John's Receives 'Minster' Status

The Blackburn Church of England Diocese have confirmed that the Parish Church of Saint John, Preston will become known as the Minster Church of Saint John as part of the celebrations to mark the granting of City status to Preston. The change officially took place when the church was reopened in June 2003.

LACR 2002 8-Bell Striking Competition, Stretford, Manchester

Preston Saint John's entered the Lancashire Association eight-bell Striking Competition held on Saturday 5th October 2002. The band came fifth of six teams, although many other towers could have entered bands. The 224 changes of Grandsire Triples picked up sixty faults, but the team, which included one ringer for whom this was his first competition, were deservedly pleased with their performance.

The band consisted of:
Paul Wilkinson
Robert Criddle
Richard Palmer
Mark Palmer
Victor Criddle
Barbera Murray
Ashley Wilson
Philip Wilson