The Ringers

Here at Saint Mary's we have a regular Sunday - service band consisting of six to eight people. Here are most of them (if you can bear to look)! This is a fairly recent photograph and was taken after a tiring practice! John doesn't always look like Quasimodo! As well as those shown here, we also have a faithful local band who come to practice on a Thursday night from the surrounding towers. Without these people, our practice nights would consist of mainly six-bell ringing.

The Penwortham Saint Mary's Bellringers - Photo © S. Bond Jacqueline Bond Ray Cotton Victor Criddle Elizabeth Wilson Ashley Wilson John Ascroft - Tower Captain Philip Wilson Simon Bond Robert Criddle
Our ringing skills range from people who can ring call changes, through to those managing Plain Hunt, Plain Bob, Grandsire, Treble Bob and Stedman.

Why not come and join in?

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