Other Local Towers

There are several towers with bells situated around Penwortham. Further information is available on the LACR Preston Branch page. The details below are subject to change without notice. Links to tower homepages can be found here. To add your tower to this list please contact us.

No. Bells;
Tenor Weight
OS Grid Ref.
Sunday Service
Practice Night
Preston, St. John
12; 17-1-10
Tuesday, 1945-2115
Broughton, St. John
6; 9-3-3
1030-1100; 1800-1830
Monday, 1930-2100
Croston, St. Michael
6; 15-3-19
Monday, 1945-2100
The photograph below shows the view of the new City of Preston, looking East from the top of Saint Mary's tower. Saint John's spire is visible on the skyline to the left of the centre of the picture.

The City of Preston viewed from the top of Saint Mary's tower. Photo © R. Criddle.